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Services & pricing 

Home Inspection Pricing:

  • 1-3 bedroom up to 1500 sq ft  $415

  • 3-4 bedroom up to 2500 sq ft  $485

  • 3-5 bedroom up to 3000 sq ft  $535

  •       2 family                             $525

  •       Condos start at                  $295


So what do you get for your money with an Aggressive inspection?   

  • Available 7 days a week.  We do our best to comply with your schedule.

  • Licensed in the state of NJ and comply with the Inspectors Standards of the International Society of Home Inspectors. 

  • Provide an 8-point inspection, which includes the electrical, heating & cooling systems, plumbing, exterior, structure, roofing, insulation and the interior. State law states only a sampling has to be taken for (outlets, windows, doors etc).   We look at everything we can see

  • We explain what the systems are and how they work.  

  • A typical 1 family house takes approximately 3 hours to inspect.  But we put no time limits on our inspection.  We are not trying to get in and out as fast as we can to the next job. 

  • The inspection report will be ready within 24 hours. 

  • The report is in a PDF format and it comes with a summary and detail section.

Additional services offered: Performed By Third Party (Professionals).

  • Oil tank sweep;   $225

  • Lead paint screening;  If your home was built before 1978 and the whole house was not remodeled, most likely you have lead paint.  If you need if further evaluated its approximately $295 for 10 rooms.

  • Septic:  Approximately $400

  • Pool;  In the state of NJ there is no licensing to do pool inspections. Careful who you hire.  There are qualified pool inspectors out there who only do pool inspections. Approximate cost is $525 and an additional $160 if in the winter.

  • Mold;  We look for mold at every inspection.  If found we will tell you at NO Charge.  Then if you need if further evaluated its approximately $250.

Additional services offered: Performed By Aggressive Inspections.

Radon Testing
$95 when completed with a home inspection.
$150 when not completed with a home inspection.

Wood Destroying Insects/Termites
$95 when completed with a home inspection.
$150 when not completed with a home inspection.

Special Package:  With an Inspection; Radon Test & Termite Inspection
together for;  $150


Independent Home Inspector Makes Difference!



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